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Cards Against Humanity and Blackbox
Director of Events, Emotions, and Various Promotions
June 2015 — Present


  • Plan and execute live events across North America and internationally, managing a team of up to five employees and annual budget of approximately $400,000 USD
  • Hire talent for all events, interact with press and public on site, moderate panel discussions, and manage on-the-ground activations


  • Manage interpersonal relationships and develop community and cohesion within Blackbox, Cards Against Humanity, and the Some Office coworking space (approx. 85 co-workers). Meet regularly with employees to resolve conflicts and promote a positive office environment through one-on-ones, regular office events, and a monthly newsletter
  • Act as liaison between executives and employees, providing critical feedback for retention and consultation on management

Various Promotions

  • Ship multiple expansions for Cards Against Humanity, including six expansions and external partnerships
  • Develop and maintain relationships with business partners and influencers, including Kickstarter, Indie MegaBOOTH, BioWare, and Giant Bomb
  • Act as an ambassador for the company by appearing on panels, developing multimedia promotional content, and speaking to press
  • Spearheaded a partnership with BioWare to develop a Mass Effect expansion pack, selling out the entire print run in two weeks. Oversaw art direction, writing, promotion, and press plan
  • Managed construction of the new Some Office recording studio


Co-Founder and CFO
February 2015 — Present

  • Co-host, editor, and producer of growing podcast with dedicated listener base
  • Manage successful Kickstarter project for Friendship Postcards that raised $45,000. Work with contractors and distributors on development and delivery of final product
  • Perform at live events, and work with partners such as Maximum Fun and the 2017 Jonathan Coulton Cruise


Cards Against Humanity
Events Manager
October 2013 — June 2015

  • Oversee events and other duties as needed. Co-produced Tabletop Deathmatch web series and delivered on-the-ground crisis management during Gamergate


Cards Against Humanity and Maxistentialism
July 2013 — October 2013

  • Managed large trade shows and all local events. 
  • Assisted with customer service and managed executive’s schedule



University of Illinois at Chicago
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing
2004 — 2008



Cards Against Humanity’s Mass Effect Pack
February 22, 2017

Ars Technica
San Antonio Nerd Walk
January 31, 2017



  • Political organizing
  • Conference volunteer
  • C2E2
  • PAX East, West, and South



  • Extremely friendly
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Public speaking
    • Press interviews
    • Panel moderation
    • On-camera appearances providing color commentary for onsite livestreaming of Sentinels: Tactics
  • Proficient in a Best Buy’s worth of professional software including Logic and Adobe Creative Suite